Unique 3Q Systems

“3” is derived from popular Chinese proverb三岁 定 八十where “三岁” is 3 years old, “定” is “determines” and “八十” is 80 years old. What this means is that the behaviour that one displays at age 3 will determine his or her future behaviour in later years. English quotes with similar meaning is, “The child is father of the man” by William Wordsworth 1802.

“Q” is derived from the word “Quotient”, which in this case represents developing the nine multiple intelligence quotient based on our “Formula 9 Teaching Approach” and “Super Memory Map” core competencies.

Together, 3Q™ systems aims to introduce whole brain development as early as possible for young children, because the education development they receive at 3 years old will determine their future success in later years. Plus, it’s amazingly fun and easy!